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Brassers Brass Band

Experience the power of Brassers

Be it outdoors or in the venue, with or without electricity – Brassers charge!

With their unique blend of live horns, pop classics and electronic beats, Brassers are the ultimate private party brass band. So buckle up and get ready for a ride like no other, as Brassers take you on a musical journey you and your guests won't forget.
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The Concept

These five classy Italian party animals travel to the most exclusive events to deliver a unique fusion of live brass and pop music that they deliver on stage, or directly in the crowd.

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The Show

When it comes to live music, there's nothing quite like the power and energy of a brass band. But Brassers also sing-along to their songs, making it an engaging performance oozing charisma and showmanship.

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The Songs

In their powerfully unique style, they play songs that range from groovy funk and dance floor bangers, to modern day pop hits, and even 90’s reggaeton. Expect the unexpected!

What To Know Before Hiring Brassers

How long is a Brassers performance?

Each show is a musical journey consisting of two or three sets, each lasting 30-35 minutes. It's like a series of mini-concerts that'll have you grooving, singing, and dancing with us. We interact with our guests to make sure everyone has an incredibly entertaining time!

When's the best time for you to start performing?

We love surprising our guests when they're ready for a change in mood, like at the end of a meal or the beginning of a cocktail set. We can play classic swing, jive, great easy listening, or even our unique immersive entertainment that'll have everyone singing and dancing along with unforgettable hits.

What kind of stage do you need?

We love getting up close and personal with our guests, so we like to move around and perform in different locations. We can even set up a dance floor for everyone to get down on! And the best part? We're a green band, so we don't need any electricity.

How far do we travel?

As a globetrotting band, we'll go anywhere to make sure our music brings people together. We always have our passports with us, ready to solve any musical emergencies!

How much space do they need to perform?

If there's room for waiters, there's room for us! And don't worry about our volume – we have a versatile sound spectrum that can go from soft to strong. Plus, we have strong lungs, so amplification isn't always necessary.

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